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10 Of The Best Beaches In The Philippines For A Tropical Escape

The Philippines has 7,641 islands, so it offers a lot of sand and waves for sun-worshippers. Many of its beaches are world-class, spearheaded by Boracay, that’s famous for its white, fine sand and crystal-clear waters. This tropical nation is an ideal vacation spot because it is tourist friendly and what’s warmer is the hospitality of Filipinos.

Its northernmost province Batanes has humble beaches, while the southernmost area is filled with less-traveled shores. The eastern board is perfect for surfing, while the west has the renowned shores of Palawan. Wherever in the Philippines, there’s a place of sun, sand, and surf.

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10 Boracay

Boracay is the top Philippine beach because of its white sand, pristine waters, and colorful celebrations. It has been consistently included in the top 10 and best island lists, and that’s not surprising. Its most popular destination is White Beach, a four-kilometer stretch of fine sand perfect for sunbathing and sunset viewing. Bulabog Beach, meanwhile, is the spot for kitesurfing/boarding and windsurfing. Snorkeling, helmet diving, island hopping, scuba diving, and other watersports are popular activities, too. Whatever tourists plan to do, there’s no boredom in Boracay.

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9 El Nido, Palawan

Just like Boracay, El Nido always lands in the top 10 and best beaches lists, as it should be because this municipality has stunning sights. The photos of this town look mesmerizing, more so when tourists are in the presence of its limestone cliffs. So amazing are its natural wonders that this destination is part of a massive protected area alongside the town of Taytay. Its most famous spots are the twin beaches of Nacpan and Calitang, a walking distance from the town center, yet they remain bucolic.

8 San Vicente, Palawan

Another Palawan town, San Vicente, is slowly becoming a tourist haven. It has the country’s longest white-sand beach, so tourists are assured of worthwhile sun-kissed memories on its shores. Thanks to its long coastline, there are endless moments for those who want to sunbathe, comb the sand, and watch the sunset – or sunrise for early birds. The aptly-named Long Beach is yet to be flocked by many, so lucky are those who have already experienced its pristine beauty. San Vicente is not short of wonders.

7 Alona Beach, Bohol

Bohol is another province that’s big on tourism. Aside from its famous Chocolate Hills, it has the island of Panglao, where a beach day is always a fun day. Said beach is named Alona, and its white sand can match that on Boracay Island. This beach is small, but it’s loaded with natural spots like rocky cliffs. Offshore, tourists can try snorkeling and scuba diving, thanks to the rich marine world of nearby islands. To be alone in Alona Beach is acceptable because zen is always within reach on its shore.

6 Coron, Palawan

Another Palawan entry, the town of Coron, is among Philippine destinations always named in the best and top 10 lists. This tropical destination is home to various islands where tourists frequently bask under the sun. Coron Island is the most popular, thanks to its unique geological wonders. The limestone formations are majestic to look at, especially when relaxing by the shores or playing in the pristine waters. Snorkeling and wreck diving is a must-try for those who can’t be content by the bay. Coron takes the crown, indeed.

5 Malapascua Island

The province of Cebu is proud of the island of Malapascua, a known diving spot. Its white-sand beach is already stunning, but its underwater world has more surprises. Divers will enjoy checking out coral gardens and an underwater plateau where manta rays can be spotted. Its most famous spot, however, is Monad Shoal, home to unique thresher sharks that are guaranteed to be seen alongside pelagic fish like eagle and devil rays. On Malapascua Island, a tourist is always sure of excitement.

4 White Island, Camiguin

For a serene sandbar experience, tourists should head to the welcoming province of Camiguin. It’s home to White Island, an uninhabited sandbar, and the perfect seat to appreciate the views of the pristine seascape and Camiguin’s lush mountainscape. White Island is among the province’s top attractions, and it’s easy to understand why. When travelers alight from the boat, they’ll be hugged by a calming presence on the sandbar. As they play with its waters and take a few snaps, they’ll realize it’s a must to come again to Camiguin.

3 Paradise Beach, Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island in the province of Cebu is a popular tourist spot because of its thriving wilderness and inviting shores. Birdwatchers will enjoy meeting feathered friends on the island, like egrets, plovers, and doves. Honeymooners, meanwhile, can stay in Paradise Beach, an aptly-named destination for lovebirds (not the winged ones). The beach is secluded, so couples can relax and reminisce. Paradise Beach is the ideal place to unwind and get away from it all because it’s far from stress and distractions.

2 Bitaog Beach, Catanduanes

The province of Catanduanes faces the Pacific Ocean, so tourists can expect wondrous waters. The island is less-traveled, maybe because it’s on the usual path of storms. It has many beaches yet to be discovered by travel junkies, so visiting this destination is a must for those who want to be the first ones to experience its beauty. One such beach is Bitaog, and not even most Filipinos are familiar with it. This hidden beach is the perfect place to log off and just be one with Mother Nature.

1 Balabac, Palawan

The province of Palawan has a lot to offer, so it’s not surprising that it has many entries in this list. For some travelers, even Filipinos, reaching Palawan is taxing, but it is rewarding, especially if they reach its southernmost town, Balabac. This municipality is proud of its pristine shores – the West Philippine Sea on one side and the Sulu Sea on another. Its beaches are majestic but what makes the town unique is the presence of such creatures as the Philippine mouse deer, dugongs, sea turtles, sawfish, and crocodiles. After enjoying Balabac, tourists would want to go back.

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