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18 Bags And Pieces Of Luggage Reviewers Who Travel A Lot Swear By

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A travel backpack with a ton of room

Promising review: “I love this bag! I bought it for my frequent two-to-three-day business trips. It holds everything I need for those trips with room to spare. I also packed it for vacation. It fit five pairs of shorts, five t-shirts, three polos, underclothes for five days, pajamas, swimsuit, and toiletries.” — Matthew B. Courtney

An expandable hard-side carry-on with a fold-out front panel

Promising review: “Holding up nicely. I’ve taken this little bag to Europe and on several domestic trips. It’s holding up very nicely. The wheels are good quality and the handle is durable. I am using this as a personal travel bag, but I am a flight attendant in my professional life. I wish I could use this bag for work (I have specific luggage that I must use), because I really like this bag. I do consider myself a luggage expert as I have basically been living out of suitcases and hotels for 28 years, so, please trust me when I tell you that Delsey makes a great bag. If you’re considering purchasing, go ahead. You won’t be disappointed.” — Wawa

A Maxlite 5 soft-side expandable spinner from Travelpro that comes in a lot of colors

Promising review: “Ideal luggage for the frequent three- to four-day trip traveler! I’ve had this suitcase for five months now and I have zero complaints. It is very lightweight but very durable. Every time I travel, I place a 30-lb backpack on top of it and the handle has had no trouble holding the weight when I drag it like a rollerboard. However, this is not a rollerboard – the spinner wheels are excellent and I love the flexibility it gives me in tight airport/plane spaces. I frequently travel on smaller regional planes (E175s, CRJs) and have never had an issue getting it in overhead bins, even with the expansion open. There’s plenty of room for a week’s worth of clothes, two pairs of shoes, a crossbody purse, and all of your toiletries in here. On top of that, I love the dusty rose color. This luggage was definitely an excellent investment and I highly recommend for the frequent three- to four-day trip traveler.” — Cassie Campbell

An incredibly classy hard-side spinner with faux leather accents

Promising review: “Been on three trips with this bag so far: Eight flights and being checked, I’m in love! Best suitcase I’ve ever had (and I’ve had several in the past few years). The inside is lined with very soft fabric and it works great with my packing cubes plus both sides have zip-up compartments which you never see, everything stays exactly where I put it, when I get to my hotel I can open it up and nothing has shifted at all! I check my bags most of the time but this is a carry on size so you can carry it on most domestic aircraft. I got the chocolate color because I don’t like white very much. There are a few minor scuffs now but you can only see them if you look very closely. It doesn’t tip over or forward, it’s very well balanced and you can fit a backpack on top. Rolls very well.” — Jessica

A sleek packable duffel so you can expand your carrying capacity in mere seconds

Promising review: “All-around awesome bag! This bag has SO MUCH ROOM. There are side pockets upon side pockets with some hidden pockets, too. The zippers are sturdy and inlaid, which helps make the bag waterproof. I haven’t tried to drown the bag yet, so I’m not sure if it’s 100% without a doubt fully waterproof, but I did get caught in light rain and nothing inside the bag was damp at all, so it’s at least moderately waterproof. The Velcro that closes the handles together is strong, and the shoulder strap is cushioned and comfortable. I’m not a huge fan of plastic hooks, but these seem to be very good quality so they’ve won me over. And did I already mention that I love love LOVE all of the pockets in this thing?It’s pretty, it has pockets everywhere, it’s sturdy, it’s at least mostly (if not fully) waterproof, it holds a ton of stuff, and it’s very comfortable to carry around. I’ve gone through a lot of travel bags in my day and this is by far the best one.” — AEScott


A Beis backpack both sleek enough for the classiest of business travelers

Promising review: “The backpack of my dreams! I have been someone who loves to travel + worked fully remote, even pre-covid times. I like to travel on a budget, so that typically means cheap airlines with zero baggage allowance… just a backpack. THIS bag changes the game. Instead of having to unload the entire backpack to go through security, every important piece has its place. The laptop sleeve on the outside is just fantastic, and the inside compartments – it’s like a little suitcase!! I feel so stylish and put together when I use this backpack… it was a sad day to retire my purple Jansport (I am in my 30s and have used it since high school because I love it so much hah!) but this is truly such an upgrade – and did not break the bank. LOVE IT! I am now officially a Beis lifer… I can’t stop ordering new pieces now.” — Brigid S.

A hard-side spinner in a fun and elegant pattern

Promising review: “I do a lot of international travel. My bags always get beat up. I decided to buy this one hoping it’d live up to its great reviews. It did exactly that! The wheels make it easy to love throughout airports; the design made it easy to identify; it is light; compartments are great.” — Anastasia Price

A heavy-duty hard-side spinner from Samsonite

Promising review: “Great luggage for frequent traveling! This luggage is as good as everyone says. Samsonite will be my go-to for luggage needs in the future. I travel a lot for my job and it’s doing just wonderfully with the beating that the airport baggage handlers put it through. 10/10!” — Avram

A classic canvas weekender with leather trim that’ll never go out of style

Promising review: “After seven months and numerous vacations and weekends away, this bag is going on strong. A great size for carry on luggage as its big enough to pack a ton of stuff but still fit in the overhead compartment or under your seat. The outside pickets a perfect for storing quick access stuff such as a passport or phone charger/ear buds. The small feet keep it off the ground a bit if you have to set it down on the ground/sidewalk. The shoulder strap is nice and wide so even when packed full it doesn’t dig into your neck/shoulder and the rounded leather handles are comfortable when carrying. Overall an excellent weekend/carry-on bag.” — John S.

A soft-side spinner so compact, it’ll fit right under the seat of most airplanes

Promising review: “The best traveler ever! I love this underseat spinner! I use it all of the time. I travel for work a lot, and this suitcase allows me to pack for all short trips (usually three nights, but I’ve done it with three nights). I am short and I love that this suitcase is easy for me to handle. I also can use my briefcase (connecting) with it, so trips are really easy! I highly recommend this – the price is great and it has held up very well for the past two years.” — Dave

A slick travel backpack built with technophiles in mind

Promising review: “This bag is a must-have for travel! I’ve had this bag for almost two years, and I have to say it’s by far the best bag I’ve ever had. Durable, and can fit A LOT of items in here. I travel very frequently for personal and business and this bag is always my go-to. I got it for the designated laptop slot and USB port on the outside. To this day, I still haven’t had any problem with either. Your laptop is also VERY easily accessible. The only con I see with it is if you do have more heavier items, it can *sometimes* sag in the bottom. But that might just be me filling it past its intended weight. Other than that, best bag ever!” — Kodi & Rayne


The Away Everywhere bag because light packers everywhere swear by it

Promising review: “This bag is perfect. I bought it for my husband who runs half marathons, he travels once a month to do one in different locations. Usually gone for just one night and often with tight connections. This bag holds all his running gear a change of clothes and other essentials. Perfect for one or two nights.” — Kim W.

A four-piece soft-side luggage set reviewers say can’t be beat in style and durability for the price

Promising review: “Review after four years: Terrific luggage. Durable, roomy, and attention-getting. First off, the luggage looks very upscale; the front side is vibrantly colored, and the tightly woven fabric has a good fit and finish. There are two metal zipper pulls on each compartment which is convenient; however, the zippers themselves and the pull attachments are adequate but not of superior durability. The bags are generously sized, deeper than our previous set and this allows the bags to swallow a lot more stuff yet remain portable. The insides are fully lined and contain straps to secure the contents. While the lining is thin and not the highest quality, it is a nice feature on a set in this price range; our previous set cost twice as much fifteen years ago and had no lining. Each of the pull pieces has two nicely functioning wheels and an expandable handle to let you drag the bag behind; you can even attach the duffel bag onto an extended handle via a back strap.Overall, this set was a terrific buy for my family’s needs and should be the same for most casual travelers as well.” — James C.

A soft-side expandable spinner beloved by flight attendants and crew

Promising review: “This is a great addition to my collection of Travelpros. For the past five years, I’ve been using the same carry-on, and it’s stood up well, but on my latest trip, I needed something smaller to get around in. You can’t beat the brand that all of the pilots and attendants use when they travel. From a design perspective, you still get the great spinning wheels, sturdy frame, and lightweight design. But this one has improved telescoping, a nice USB port for a removable battery, and a better handle for picking it up.I’ll continue to buy these as long as the value-to-quality ratio remains this high. With around 75 nights a year traveling, I appreciate that my bag can keep up with me.” — Chris

A set of matching hard-side spinners

Promising review: “Best luggage set I’ve ever had! I waited an entire year before I wrote a review so it could be as objective as possible. I have used this set to move cross country and I’ve flown countless times. I am a frequent flyer, so I’m not talking one or two trips. The wheels are extremely smooth on the ground. They held up exceptionally well to the manhandling airlines do to your luggage. A few scratches is all it’s gotten. Not even noticeable from a distance. The yellow color is my favorite. Stands out a lot, super cute, vibrant, matches my standard airport fit of a shirt/sweater from my alma mater, and very easy to distinguish at baggage claim. My only con is that the carry-on handle isn’t as sturdy as the larger suitcases. It feels loose when it’s pulled up, but it’s not broken, so it’s fine. Still 5 stars. Money well spent.” — Nicole D.

An expandable canvas duffel

Promising review: “Frequent traveler approved! I use this for 10-15 days out of each month and have had it for five months now. There is no evidence of travel. Has a really decent amount of space while being compact. I can fit seven outfits, a pair of shoes, beauty products, blow dryer, and straightener, plus an extra jacket!” — BritbratGet it from Amazon for $58.99+ (available in two sizes and five colors).

An expandable hard-side spinner

Promising review: “Durable, easy to use. I travel a lot for work and load up my suitcases quite a bit. I’ve gone through multiple brands and they all fall apart after a few trips. Been using this one a few months and it still works like new. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a hard or soft case but I’m glad now that I went with the hard case. Holds a lot of stuff and is still very easy to roll around. Great suitcase!” — Nick G


A convertible carry-on by Thule that’ll always adjust to your needs

Promising review: “My favorite short trip bag! Beyond the look, this is a bag that makes those two-to-three-day business trips a breeze. I can comfortably fit a couple of pairs of pants, shoes, shirts, toiletries, and my notebook and breeze through the lines and crowded overhead bins of today’s airline world. Could probably super cram things in and cover a five-day trip depending on where and what time of year. Zippers are strong and smooth. Lots of compartments and the pull-out mini brief bag for electronics accommodates everything I typically need for computers, etc. Thule! This is a winner!” — J. Olin

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