20 Best Travel Cases For Cameras In 2023
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20 Best Travel Cases For Cameras In 2023

Travelling with expensive photography equipment can be worrisome and daunting. If you pack incorrectly or if your airline is careless with your luggage, you could end up with a damaged kit. Choosing a dependable camera travel case is therefore crucial to anyone travelling with their photography equipment, whether for business or pleasure. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of travel cases for cameras of all types.

Waterproof cases are great if you are heading to rainier climates and need to keep your equipment dry or want to be out all day, whatever the weather. Roller cases are best for transporting a range of cameras, lenses, tripods and more from location to location. Backpack cases offer comfort and ease of access while protecting your cameras in the field. Finally, crossbody cases are perfect for those travelling for leisure who still want high-quality photographs without carrying too much equipment. Here are some of the best camera travel cases that will do the trick. 

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Looking for a travel case for you camera? Here’s our pick of 20.

Choosing A Travel Case For Your Camera

Waterproof Travel Camera Cases

1- Pelican 1200 Case with Foam

The Pelican 1200 case is a highly-rated waterproof camera travel case.

It’s an ideal case to transport your equipment as it is durable and incredibly strong.

The case features a tongue and groove fit combined with a polymer o-ring to keep it watertight.

Each case has as standard, an automatic pressure equalisation valve, which allows any built-up air pressure to be released without letting any water in, making it ideal for transporting your equipment.

The inside of the case is made from Pick N’Pluck foam, allowing for endless interior customisation to ensure that your camera fits snugly inside and is fully protected.

The cases can fit up to 9.3″ x 7.1″ x 4.1″.

All Pelican cases are made in the USA.

2- CADeN Camera Bag Sling Case

This is one camera travel case that has it all. This sling-style backpack offers comfort when worn, space for your kit and it’s waterproof.

It even includes a rain cover for those particularly wet days.

The rain cover is incredibly compact and folds into a small pocket when not used.

It is easy to deploy and provides an added layer of waterproof protection for your equipment.

The bag is available in three subtle colours and is large enough to hold your camera, a lens, mobile phone, mini tablet and small accessories such as charging leads.

Beneath the main bag are two straps that can hold a tripod.

One of the top features of this camera travel case is its accessibility.

The two pockets for storing your camera and lenses are easily opened from the side, enabling you to get to your camera quicker, even when walking.

CADeN’s sling case also has anti-theft protection through its anti-theft buckle system, offering added protection while travelling.

3- MEIJIA Portable All Weather IP67 Waterproof Protective Hard Case

Meijia’s portable all-weather IP67 camera case is perfect for safely transporting a range of camera equipment to your destination.

The case features a watertight seal and pressure valve to release interior pressure while keeping any water or dust out.

Meijia’s case is also lockable through the padlock loops built into the case.

The case’s interior is fully customisable and features a cubed foam insert that allows easy removal to ensure your equipment fits snugly and securely inside.

4- Eylar Protective Hard Camera Case Water & Shock Proof

The Eylar protective hard camera case is TSA approved and ideal for travelling with cameras.

The case is waterproof up to 1m (3.28ft), fully submerged and is supported by a rubber casket lining.

A pressure equalisation valve is also included.

Inside the case is a foam egg crate layer in the lid and a large pull-and-pluck foam layer to allow for complete customisation.

An additional foam layer sits at the bottom of the case for added protection.

The case is also made of shock-resistant materials, which protects your equipment against knocks and drops.

The case is ideal for small to medium-sized items with an internal dimension of 11.81″ x 8.87″ x 5.18″.

5- Waterproof Camera Bag/Case Vintage

This vintage-style waterproof camera bag is stylish and great for travelling with your cameras.

Unlike other camera travel cases, this case looks like a regular bag.

It is made from a high-quality waterproof canvas and is finished with leather trims.

The interior features removable dividers to ensure your kit fits comfortably.

There are also additional small pouches for further storage of smaller items.

The case features a soft, padded cotton liner that absorbs shocks and vibrations and protects against dust and scratches.

Roller Cases For Cameras

6- Neewer 2-in-1 Rolling Camera Backpack Trolley Case

This spacious backpack doubles as a pull-along trolley case, allowing you to carry all your camera equipment easily.

The bag is 14.5″ x 11.8″ x 24.4″ in size.

The interior features removable padded dividers to allow for complete customisation.

It is large enough to hold two full DSLR camera bodies with lenses attached, with additional space for more lenses, flashes or accessories. Side straps are provided for tripod storage.

The body of the case is made from high-density waterproof nylon.

Adjusted padded shoulder straps allow the case to be worn as a backpack.

When pulled along, a metal pull bar slides out from the back of the case. Find out more here.

7- Pelican 1510 Case

The Pelican 1510 case is the ideal roller case to transport your camera equipment whilst travelling.

The case is watertight, crush-proof and dust-proof offering maximum protection to delicate components.

The interior offers choices to the user.

Select a foam insert made from Pick N’Pluck foam, padded dividers or TrekPak to protect and space out your kit.

The interior measures 19.75″ x 11″ x 7.6″.

The Pelican 1510 cases are engineered and made in the USA and meet TSA fight regulations.

8- Monoprice Weatherproof Hard Case

Monoprice weatherproof hard case is a durable, customisable and shockproof roller case that is perfect for travelling with your camera equipment.

The case measures 20.51″ x 10.94″ x 7.48″, offering plenty of space for your kit.

The case provides both dust and water protection for your equipment.

The hard exterior is both impact and ultraviolet resistant.

Inside, the foam interior is fully customisable to perfectly fit your equipment whilst providing high levels of shock protection.

A pressure release valve is also included to add additional protection for your kit and a telescopic handle allows for easy movability and transportation.

The handle locks in place to allow the load to be rolled easily.

9- Nanuk 935 Waterproof Carry-on Hard Case with Wheels

Nanuk 935 waterproof carry-on hard case with wheels is a highly rated roller for storing cameras and camera equipment for travel.

The wheels are made from polyurethane, allowing for a smooth rolling experience.

The wheels are fitted with stainless steel bearings to allow heavier items to be transported with ease.

The case is secured with a power claw latching system that protects your equipment and prevents the case from being opened if dropped or during transportation.

The interior is fully padded and customisable due to its removable separators, which come in different sizes.

10- Amazon Basics Large Hard Rolling Camera Case

Amazon Basics provides a highly rated large hard-shelled protective case for your camera equipment.

The case is ideal for both storing and transporting cameras with ease.

It features a pressure equalisation valve which creates an airtight and watertight seal.

Inside are precept foam squares which are easily removed to create cavities the exact sizes of your equipment.

The case has a side handle and a pull-out handle to be used as a roller case.

The case measures 21.9″ x 13.7″ x 9.8″, making it ideal for transporting as a carry-on bag.

Backpack Travel Cases For Cameras

11- CADeN Camera Backpack Bag

The CADeN camera backpack bag is a highly rated camera backpack that offers incredible versatility.

The backpack is lightweight and features thick straps for comfort while carrying your equipment. It is 11″ x 5.5″ x 14.2″ in size and has a fully customisable interior.

The inner bag is supportive and protective of your equipment as it is made from a seven-layer polyethylene foam combined with a polypropylene board.

This ensures that your cameras are protected from any shocks and knocks while you explore.

Within the central compartment are movable foam pads, which enable the user to customise the bag to their needs.

There is also space on the side of the bag for a tripod and a pouch to store an iPad.

12- MOSISO Camera Backpack

Mosiso camera backpack is a spacious hardshell case that is perfect for transporting your cameras and wearing them when out and about.

The backpack includes a back pocket perfect for carrying a thin laptop or tablet and has two zipped pockets for smaller items such as spare memory cards or cables.

The full interior is customisable to your needs as it features detachable protective spacers allowing you to ensure each item carried is supported and stable.

The shell features hardshell protection and is shockproof if dropped.

The shell is also waterproof, giving your camera equipment extra shielding.

13- TARION Camera Backpack

Camera backpacks typically offer a wide level of customizability, and the TARION camera backpack is no different.

This large-capacity backpack offers comfort and ease while transporting your most important equipment.

On the base of the backpack are two straps to secure a tripod.

A rain cover is also provided to add an extra layer of waterproof protection for your camera kit.

Unlike some camera backpacks, all interior dividers can be fully removed, allowing them to be used both with and without your camera equipment.

The backpack features soft and cushioned straps for comfort and breathable fabric at the back for added comfort.

The bag measures 11.8″ x 6″ x 12″, making it ideal for carrying onto a plane or for your daily adventures.

14- BAGSMART Camera Backpack

The BAGSMART camera backpack is highly-rated and looks stylish while protecting your valuable equipment.

The large bag measures 11.8″ x 7.5″ x 15.7″.

It is divided into spaces allowing for more to be carried while remaining fully organised.

The back of the backpack features a laptop compartment, and the sides are suitable for drinks bottles and tripod storage.

The main front pocket opens the camera pouch.

Durable foam dividers can be moved to ensure your equipment is stable when you are out and about.

The top section of the backpack is spacious and could be used to store accessories or clothing if you are staying somewhere overnight or want to pack additional layers.

The best feature of the BAGSMART backpack is its quick access.

The front pocket can be accessed from the side, allowing you to get your camera out quickly if needed.

15- USA GEAR DSLR Camera Backpack Case

This backpack offering from USA GEAR is perfect for travelling with multiple cameras, lenses, accessories and more whilst remaining comfortable.

The bag includes a padded laptop compartment, a spacious and customisable interior with adjustable dividers and plenty of pockets for smaller accessories.

The exterior also includes space to store a tripod.

A handy small accessory storage pocket is on the front of the bag, perfect for cables and memory cards.

The bag also features side camera access to reach your equipment.

Crossbody Travel Cases For Camera

16- CADeN Compact Camera Shoulder Crossbody Bag

Compact cases need to be small yet agile enough to ensure you have everything you need when travelling.

The CADeN compact camera shoulder bag is perfect for travelling with your camera and an additional lens whilst offering comfort and ease of access.

The bag features a small side pocket and a front pocket, perfect for spare memory cards, charging cables, or lens wipes.

Inside the bag is a detachable protective spacer that can be adjusted or removed to allow for customisability.

This camera case is finished in a waterproof fabric and, with its crossbody straps, is easily worn all day.

17- FOSOTO Waterproof Anti-Shock Camera Case

FOSOTO waterproof anti-shock camera case is a great all-in-one camera to take with you for a day’s travel and exploration.

The case is compact with an internal size of 7″ x 5.1″ x 3.9.

This small size allows it to easily fit a digital camera, compact DSLR or mirrorless compact digital camera while still leaving room for an additional small lens or charging equipment.

There are removable foam pads to create the perfect amount of space for your camera and to stop it from moving around.

The camera bag also comes with a rain cover stored in a small pouch enabling you to use this compact bag even on drizzly days.

The bag features a top handle and adjustable crossbody strap for wearability and to increase accessibility to your equipment.

18- Amazon Basics Large DSLR Gadget Bag

Amazon Basics large DSLR gadget bag is far from basic and is one of the highest-rated crossbody camera bags on amazon.com.

The back is made of thick and durable black polyester and has a bright orange interior to enable users to find what they want faster than if they used a black interior.

The case’s interior can be customised to fit your camera, lenses, flash and accessories.

There are multiple compartments inside and exterior to help you stay organised.

Amazon includes an adjustable shoulder strap for comfort and ease when carrying the camera bag.

19- BAGSMART Camera Bag

BAGSMART’s stylish crossbody camera bag comes in both pale pink and black.

They are made from water-repellent fabric, making them great to carry during the day.

The interior features two adjustable dividers to store your equipment safely.

An inner pocket allows for the storage of smaller items.

The entire bag has camera protection in mind.

Thick foam protects the camera from knocks and shocks.

Anti-theft metal zippers allow extra piece of mind when carrying this bag.

The shoulder strap is fully adjustable and padded to allow the user to feel comfortable when carrying.

20- MegaGear Torres Mini Genuine Leather Camera Messenger Bag

This luxury leather messenger bag is perfect for those who want a camera travel case without drawing attention to its contents.

It has been designed to replicate a stylish messenger bag made from high-quality Italian leather.

Inside is a removable insert for customisability, plenty of space for a mirrorless instant or DSLR camera, and room for an additional lens.

There is also a front and side pocket allowing for storage of small items like phones and accessories.

The lining is made from shockproof material to protect your equipment.