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A Woman Forgot To Pack Her Own Clothes For A Family Trip & TikTok Moms Feel Her Pain

Moms often put the majority of their attention on their kids before focusing on themselves, and one hard-luck woman is getting all the love for just that kind of thing on TikTok.

The mom shared on TikTok that she was so focused on getting her family ready for a trip to Kansas that she forgot to pack enough clothes for herself.

Video shows the Wisconsin woman, whose name is Amanda Ayala according to TODAY, getting into a car wrapped in just a towel along with her kids who are fully clothed.

“Hey, why does everybody else have clothes on and you’re still in your towel?” Ayala’s husband asks her in the video.

“Because I’m the mom and I get everybody else’s sh*t together and not my own,” she replied.

“So I come to the shower house with nothing.”

Her husband goes on to talk about how nice and peaceful his shower was before the 43-year-old woman says “take me home.”

“I hope they appreciate all I do,” the mom captioned her video and wrote “Moms always suffer” over it.


I hope they appreciate all i do. Lol. #camping #campinglife #shower #momsoftiktok #momlife #over40mom #momstruggles

The woman’s video is garnering a lot of support with over 4.3 million views, and other moms on the social media platform are finding it super relatable.

“This is why vacations and camping are more work than fun when you’re the mom,” one comment reads.

“Why did this make me almost cry? I’m so sorry mama,” another person wrote.

“I can’t even laugh, this is literally the biggest frustration in my life!” another commenter expressed.

One fellow mom said something similar happened to her on her way to work.

“My employer asked me why I didn’t have a jacket on today… because I have 6 kids to get out the door by 7:45! I barley remember myself,” she wrote.

Others chose to focus on the dad and his comments in the TikTok video.

“The dad’s comment has me LIVID,” one person shared.

“I thought this was a joke until she softly said take me home.’ Just from that tone alone, I knew he was a dead man,” another TikToker chimed in.

In her interview with TODAY, Ayala said the video doesn’t make her husband a bad person and they were just showing people “this is real life.”

“This (situation) embodies what we do as women — we are last, I’m always last. It’s kind of the role we take,” she told the outlet.

Based on the reaction her video has gotten, many people agree with that sentiment!

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