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Best Amazing Architecture Buildings in Singapore

Best Amazing Architecture Buildings in Singapore

Vacation to Singapore never gets old. There will be always something exciting every year you can find here. Therefore, you have to prepare comfortable accommodation so you can visit all places. Not only luxury holidays, Singapore is also suitable for backpackers or those who vacation on a budget.

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In addition to hotels, you can also find cheap and even free tourist attractions in Singapore, for example, religious tourism, which always offers the beauty and splendour of its architecture. You must visit these places because they are full of history.

This article will share recommendations for religious tourism places in Singapore: mosques, churches, and temples. Let’s check it out!

1.   Sultan Mosque

Located between countries with Muslim-majority populations, which is Indonesia and Malaysia, it is not surprising that there is a historic mosque in Singapore, the Sultan Mosque. Religious tourism in Singapore that should not be missed is the Sultan Mosque.

This mosque is located in Kampong Glam and was the first mosque built in Singapore, in 1826. However, what you can see today is not the original structure of the Sultan Mosque, in 1924 this mosque was rebuilt with an expanded area.

2.   Abdul Gafoor Mosque

Not far from Kampong Glam, walk to Little Indian, in that area, you can find the Abdul Gafoor Mosque, which is no less magnificent than the Sultan Mosque. Abdul Gafoor Mosque is a religious building typical of Indian ethnicity.

Many tourists are attracted to the Abdul Gafoor Mosque because they are stunned by its unique and magnificent architecture.

3.   St. Andrew’s Cathedral

The next religious tourism destination in Singapore is St. Andrew’s Cathedral. This religious building has a gothic revival style combined with Palladian. Facts about St. Andrew’s Cathedral, this church is the largest in Singapore.

With a very attractive exterior and interior, and its location not far from the City Hall at 11 St. Andrew’s Road, making this church has never been empty of tourists since it opened on October 1st, 1861.

4.   Armenian Church

St. Andrew’s Cathedral is the largest church, so the Armenian Church is the oldest church in Singapore. The Armenian Church has been built in 1835 in honour of St. Gregory the Illuminator.

This church has become a national monument in Singapore because of its historical value, as well as its magnificent architecture and interior. Not only can you enjoy the architectural details, visitors can also walk in the memorial garden.

5.   Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum is still always crowded with foreign visitors. Since the majority of Singapore’s population is Buddhist, it is not surprising that there are many temples that you can visit.

You can find this temple in the Chinatown area. Inside the temple, you can see artefacts that are believed to be Buddhist fangs. In addition, there are areas with shades of red and gold. You can visit all areas of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum for free.

6.   The Sri Mariamman Temple

Still located in Chinatown, you will find The Sri Mariamman Temple, the oldest temple in Singapore. The Sri Mariamman Temple is a temple in the Dravidian style that was built to honor the Goddess Mariamman, the goddess who was revered for being able to protect against disease.

The attraction of The Sri Mariamman Temple is the unique gate with six tiers of statues of Hindu gods and other figures. This gate is called Gopuram.

Those are the recommendations for tourist attractions with religious themes in Singapore that you can visit while on vacation in this country. If you intend to visit the places above, be sure to wear decent clothes.

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