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Google Flights Says These Are The Best Times To Book Travel

There are numerous suggestions about when to book flights for the lowest price. Instead of browsing in incognito mode or looking for super-secret discounts, you may apply these Google Flights tips. These tips result from studying the last five years of flight prices.

Fly Midweek

Flying in the middle of the week can provide flight savings of up to 20%, according to Google Flights. Wednesday can provide the most affordable flights, although Sunday through Tuesday are excellent for traveling on a budget.

Book Flights In The Middle Of The Week

In addition to flying during the workweek, you should also try buying tickets on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Saturdays and Sundays are the most expensive days to compare airline fares.

While the average savings is only 1.9% over the past five years, the price difference adds up over several flights or if you have a large travel party.

Avoid Last-Minute Bookings

It goes without saying but waiting until the last minute to book a flight means you’re more likely to pay the highest prices. Additionally, you won’t have the best departure times or seat selection.

Instead, try booking 44 days out, although the best prices are typically available from 21 to 60 days before departure.

However, the low-price strategy can be slightly different for peak travel periods like Thanksgiving, Christmas and spring break. Here are the best booking windows instead for these travel weeks:

  • Thanksgiving: From 36 to 74 days, with 52 days having the lowest average price
  • Christmas: From 20 to 88 days, with 22 days as the lowest average
  • Spring Break: 23 to 59 days, with 38 days as the lowest average (domestic trips)
  • Summer Vacation (July and August): 14 to 44 days and 21 days out as the national average.

If you’re flexible about where you travel to, you may consider browsing the airline web specials to look for last-minute savings. It’s possible to end up in an exciting autumn travel destination.

Best Time To Book International Flights

Flying abroad can require being more active as the early bird is more likely to get the worm. Instead of being able to find the lowest average price approximately 44 days out, you will need to be at least two to four months in advance.

The best booking time depends on your destination:

  • The U.S. to Mexico or the Caribbean: From 37 to 87 days, with 59 days as the best average
  • The U.S. to Europe: From 50 to 179 days with 129 days out, on average

Choose A Layover

When you have the option between nonstop service and an itinerary with stops, the one with layovers typically costs 20% less.

You will need to decide if the layover window, connecting airport and flight times are worth the savings. Shopping for flights well in advance can help you find the best options. It also allows you to monitor prices until you’re ready to reserve your seat.

Additionally, you should consider only bringing a carry-on to avoid a lost or delayed checked bag.

Review Price Alerts

Google Flights and many travel booking sites use price prediction tools that can display the historical average price for your travel dates. This indicator can determine if the current ticket price is more expensive, about average or cheaper than the historical trend.

While future prices won’t always follow the pattern, it might be worth waiting several days for a more favorable price if you need to save money.


Try researching flights or fly during the early or middle of the week for the best deals. Prices are usually higher as the workweek concludes and people take off for leisurely weekend trips. Booking in advance doesn’t hurt either, and you can find good deals up to one week before departure.

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