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How much does a trip to Disney World Florida cost during March Break versus off-season

As March Break approaches, travel agents are experiencing a surge in bookings, with many families choosing to travel to Disney World in Florida despite the rising cost. 

According to Hopper’s 2023 Travel Outlook Report, a March Break flight to a sunny destination like Mexico or Central America will cost 40 per cent more compared to 2022. A CTV News Ottawa analysis of prices to fly from Ottawa to Orlando, Florida shows it costs $4,000 more to travel in March than in the off-season.

Despite the increase in cost, fans like Shannon Blaney are eager to visit the theme park.

“You don’t go to Disney to save money,” Blaney says, who visits Disney World every few years. “I love Disney. We’ve been six times since 2013. I’m gonna say this trip was probably a good $3,000 more than three years ago. Total was $12,800 for three of us.”

Blake Trickey, another Disney fan, is also taking a trip with his family during March Break. He says that despite the rising cost, the excitement of the trip makes it worth it. 

“After all said and done, we spent about $14,000 Canadian to go. There’s no deals with Disney. If you call a travel agent, they don’t get a better price,” says Trickey who also mentions the cost of food. “It’s $200 a meal.”

A family of four traveling to Disney World over March Break can expect to spend an average of $15,012, including flight, hotel, rental car, Disney World hopper passes, and food. 

If you travel during the off-season, the exact same trip costs $11.106 – a savings of nearly $4,000. While travellers can save money by visiting during the off-season, the Trickey family says that the excitement of the trip is worth the cost. 

“We’re pretty pumped. We can’t wait. I have a countdown on my phone and every night, every morning before we go to bed or wake up my daughter says, ‘Dad, how many days until Disney?'” says Trickey.

Blaney agrees, saying, “I think people have missed travelling, so they’re willing to pay that money right now. But it definitely hits the pocketbook.” 

Despite the rising cost of travel, families are still eager to visit Disney World this March Break.

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