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JetBlue Will Let You Book Your Entire Vacation with Travel Points

Earlier this week, Delta linked its own rewards program with Starbucks so travelers and coffee drinkers alike can earn double points. Now, JetBlue has news on its own loyalty membership—and it’ll get you a lot more than a Venti iced coffee. 

TrueBlue members can now use their points to pay for an entire JetBlue vacation. While previously, the program was limited to funding flights, you will now be able to book hotels and even rental car services all on rewards, the company announced.

“Launching a cash + points redemption option for JetBlue Vacations packages offers even more value and flexibility for customers who are ready to return to travel in a big way,” President of JetBlue Travel Products Andres Barry said in the announcement. “Our loyal customers can now turn their TrueBlue points into a much-needed vacation by booking three significant parts of their trip—flights, hotels, and even cars—with the only thing left to worry about when they get there is which beach to visit first.”

While TrueBlue points will cover 99% of your trip package, you’ll still have to cough up the cash for insurance, taxes, and fees. Flight and cruise packages are excluded too. 

And ICYMI, booking through JetBlue Vacations gets you perks like free inflight drinks and earlier boarding times. For specific destinations, you can even tap into your own expert “Insider” for booking local tours and reservations.

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