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‘More adventurous’ Roger Federer reveals family trip he would love to do

Roger Federer admits he is still “a little bit scared” to do sports due to his troublesome knee but revealed he would absolutely love to go on a trip to Africa with his family. Federer, 41, retired from professional tennis in late September at the Laver Cup.

Federer, who has been married to Mirka since 2009, shares four kids with his wife. Now that Federer is enjoying his retirement days, he admits he can enjoy “more adventurous” trips with his family. “I am still a little bit scared [when it comes other sports] right after retirement as my knee has been a little bit so-so and that [skiing] has to wait.

As time goes by I will be able to do more trips and we are always planning our vacations and I want them to be really fun. They can become a little bit more creative. I would love to take my kids to Africa whereas before vacations always had to be relaxing because my life on the road was so busy, but now our vacations can be a bit more adventurous,” Federer revealed.

Federer enjoying a ‘stress-free’ retirement life

Federer, who turned pro in 1998, finished his career after more than two decades on the ATP Tour. While Federer was a pro, there was always something on his mind and something he needed to take care of.

Now, those responsibilities are gone and he is living a much more relaxed life. “As a tennis player you’re always thinking about your next practice, your next match. It never lets you go, your next travel, your next packing.

I don’t think I was that much aware of it, how much that thought is always there, and it rides with you, until you retire and then you realise that stress all drops away,” Federer explained.

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