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Pre-plan your family’s snacking and travel happy on Labor Day

Labor Day and traveling go together like ferociously hungry children and a car ride. 

Chances are your family is headed out of town this holiday, even if it’s a simple day beach trip. It’s in everyone’s best interest if the car is fully stacked with munchies.

Ilisa Nussbaum, a clinical dietitian at Yale New Haven Hospital said the key is planning and packing to avoid last minute stops. 

“Once you find yourself hungry and rushed in the airport shop or roadside gas station, it’s going to be hard to talk your kid, or yourself, into an orange instead of chips, so avoid the shop and avoid the stress,” Nussbaum said. 

Filling, yet enjoyable, snacks are the way to go. Think a combination of fruit, whole grains, nuts, cheese sticks, veggies and hummus. 

When lifestyles blogger Aseky Bonnaire goes on a family trip, she packs a bag of snacks for each child.

Aseky Bonnaire, a popular central Florida lifestyles and family travel blogger, knows a thing or two about packing travel snacks. Bonnaire and her husband have four children between the ages of 2 and 8. Over the past year they have been everywhere from Hawaii to Utah to Mexico. 

When on a trip, whether by car or plane, each child gets his or her own gallon-size bag filled with snacks, which they keep in their own backpacks. 

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