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Ram FX Golf Travel Cover Review

Ram FX Golf Travel Cover Review

Traveling with golf clubs can be a stressful experience. Worrying about the condition of your precious golf clubs as they are carted through baggage handling is something that can’t really be avoided when you travel with golf equipment abroad. However, a well-designed and protective golf travel bag can do a lot to assure you that your clubs will arrive at their final destination intact. 

The Ram FX golf travel cover aims to alleviate any of these stresses by providing golfers with a spacious and padded travel bag that is easy to transport from A to B. Before testing this bag, Ram wouldn’t have been my first choice when it comes to travel accessories but I was pleasantly surprised when unboxing this product and how well-proportioned and well-padded all the pockets were. 

Dan Parker walking with the Ram FX golf travel bag in the airport

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A large main compartment (131 x 38 x 38cm) houses golf clubs and features one main strap to hold your clubs down once they are packed. Although I traveled with a lightweight carry bag on this occasion, there is easily room for a large stand bag or even a cart bag depending on what you prefer to travel with. Exterior pockets include one perfectly sized for a pair of golf shoes and a similarly sized pocket I found useful for packing accessories like golf socks and belts. With so much room in the main compartment though, I found it easy to pack other belongings for my trip alongside the golf bag in the main compartment. 

A detailed view of the ram fx travel bag pockets

The side pockets on the Ram FX golf travel cover can comfortable house a pair of golf shoes. 

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The bag is made from a very sturdy ripstop fabric with extra padding across key areas where the golf clubs would be most vulnerable to knocks – I certainly felt confident that my clubs were going to be safe in this bag. A final security and protection feature is the two straps that go across the exterior of the bag to keep everything in place. For all of this, the bag does come in slightly heavier (9lbs) before you’ve even packed it, so maybe something like the MacGregor VIP II Premium Wheeled Travel Cover which comes in a 6lbs would be more suited to those anxious about how much weight they want to travel with. 

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