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Some Of The Top Spots To Visit In New York

Some Of The Top Spots To Visit In New York

New York is the bustling city in the world that all nations look up to. It surely brims with richness in every part of the city, the locals and the tourists find it amusing due to its varied cultural significance. The city boasts success and opulence that symbolizes the modern era. With the huge skyscrapers, amazing diners, and unbelievable tourist attractions it is the most desirable place to visit. It is also known as the urban jungle as it offers bewilderingly complex competition to the entire world. Every year this tourist magnet beckons millions of visitors from all over the world. While visiting New York you will experience that the dense metro city has a diverse culture, ethnicity, flavourful cuisines, vibrant nightlife, awe-inspiring architecture, and stunning shopping places.


Let us see the best places to visit in this busy city


1 – Statue of Liberty


One of the most visited places in the world is the impeccable Statue of Liberty. The sight of which is so amusing that it gets into every travel journal. It is a must-visit for a tourist and therefore stands as the top tourist attraction. Being a gift of artwork from the French, this neoclassical embodiment is known to be a symbol of great attributes like democracy and freedom since its unveiling in 1886. It stands at 300 feet in height from its base. It is certainly an epic man-made structure worth tons of appreciation. It offers a spectacular perspective once you climb the statue as every inch of the structure is admirable.


2 – Rockefeller Centre


This famous landmark of New York is a beacon for amusement. The tourists wish to visit the Rockefeller Center as it is the hub for unique activities. It is an iconic must-see place developed between 1930 and 1940. It is a glaring sight to watch especially during the Christmas season as the entire place glitters under the lavishly decorated tree. The most stunning view of the entire city in one glimpse comes alive when you get to the top of the Rock observation deck. It gives a clear picture of the downtown with the Empire state building in the center, the central park, and a northern view of Manhattan. The tour of the Rockefeller Centre includes historical and amazing artwork placed everywhere.


3 – Central Park


Most of the time people living in the cities miss the greenery. But because of the fast paced lifestyle this beautiful expectation is often overshadowed. Although New York has undeniable tourist attractions this one sets itself apart from the others as it is a green oasis that fits in the heart of the city. It is the staple place to visit in New York which stretches itself to more than 800 acres. It goes from Midtown to Harlem giving the visitors ample place to wander and relax. It has amazing walking trails and lawns nearby, also you can catch up with other attractions like The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Alice in Wonderland statue, the Shakespeare Garden and not to forget lip-smacking food, amazing street performers, etc.


4 – Brooklyn Bridge


Everyone has dreamt of visiting the iconic Brooklyn Bridge at least once in their lifetime. It is known to be a picturesque attraction in New York City. It spans through the east River and connects the beautiful Manhattan. It is an actual representation of architectural intellect and brilliance in art and design. Being engineered in the 19th century this massive symbol of strength took nearly 15 years to build. This beauty stands strong as thousands of people commute through it. It depicts pride with its immense historical background which is tastefully decorated with amazing architecture.


Thus, from museums, parks, and eateries New York is a hub for top-notch attractions. Every place has a story to tell, so tourists visiting New York get a dose of happiness in every bit of the place.


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