The 10 best toiletry bags and dopp kits for men in 2023
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The 10 best toiletry bags and dopp kits for men in 2023

Fellas, you’ve got a trip coming up. Where are you putting that toothbrush?

If you answered “loose in the suitcase,” you’ve got another thing coming. You’re an adult, and adults never put their toothbrush and their deodorant loose in the suitcase. That’s where your nicely folded T-shirts go. And even then they don’t go in loose, they go in carefully stacked and ordered for maximum suitcase capacity.

Whether you’re a high-roller looking for a high-end toiletry bag (maybe your Santal 33 exploded in your dopp kit on your last private jet-jaunt to the Hamptons), or you’re a first-time toiletry bag buyer, a little embarrassed at how thoroughly we clocked you with the whole “loose toothbrush” thing — our new roundup of the 10 best toiletry bags has you covered.

Our list includes Amazon-recommended entries as low as $17, and brand-name options over $100. Regardless of your price-point, any of these bags would make a great Valentine’s Day gift to yourself (or to the travel lover in your life). So read on, click through, and zip up.

Black dopp kit.

This Vorspack Hanging Dopp Kit, made of water-resistant canvas, is a steal at $17 on Amazon. At 10″ x 5″ x 5.5″, and featuring a large inner-zip pocket, this toiletry bag is sure to fit everything you may need, and more, on your vacation.

Leather dopp kit.

For a little more versatility, and the leather look, Amazon also offers this Elviros Toiletry Bag, marked down nearly 30% for a limited time. Store your deodorant and cologne in the central compartment, and strap your toothbrush, toothpaste, and razor in convenient zip-open pockets on either side.

Green dopp kit.

If the Elviros bag takes advantage of horizontal space, the DD D&D Wanderlust Hanging Travel Bag is all about the vertical. This zip-open, hangable dopp kit is perfect for anyone who’d prefer to see all of their products at once. Never rifle around in your bag again!

Black wash bag.

Prove how much you care about personal grooming, even on-the-go, with this designer dopp kit from Acne Studios. Handsome, simple, and made from durable nylon-ripstop, this Suede-Trimmed Wash Bag is $160 from Mr. Porter.

Black wash bag.

It only makes sense that Herschel, a brand known primarily for their backpacks, can put together a great toiletry bag. This Chapter Carry-On Canvas Wash Bag. Perfect for those who like to travel light, this canvas bag comes equipped with an internal mesh sleeve, and runs for just $32 from Mr. Porter.

Brown travel bag.

Level up your old-school swag with this Waxed Canvas Travel Pouch from Mark & Graham, available in either Khaki (pictured) or Slate colorways. Better yet: the durable wax-canvas bag is designed to grow even better-looking with age.

Three travel kits: blue, yellow, and white.

If you’re traveling through the old TWA Terminal at JFK, you’ll want to have a dopp kit to match. These customizable Mark & Graham x Stelle Travel Pouches are retro-cool, and only $49 each. Groovy!

Beige travel case.

For a more modern option, look to Everlane’s ReNew Transit Catch-All Case, featuring five interior drop-in pockets. Made from 100% recycled polyester, this versatile bag is designed to fold down or snap into itself to fit into tighter spaces.

Tan wash bag.

L.L. Bean ensures the “superdurability” of this Waxed-Canvas Personal Toiletry Bag. Certainly looks like it to us! With a water-wicking outside, and a nylon cloth lining, you’ll have this Waxed-Canvas Personal Toiletry Bag, in size medium for a long time.

Blue toiletry bag.

The younger cousin to the above Waxed-Canvas bag from L.L. Bean, this Personal Organizer Toiletry Bag is perfect for those who travel a little lighter. With a removable mirror and shower caddy, this L.L. Bean dopp kit is perfect for a camping trip.

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