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The Baggu Cloud Travel Bag Is the Best Duffle Bag to Gift This Year

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Shopping for a jet-setter? Or someone who just likes to take weekend road trips? Gift them the stylish and functional Baggu Cloud Travel Bag and they’ll never need another duffle bag again. Ever since I bought it last year, this has become the first bag I grab when I start packing for a trip. Whether I am using it for my clothes for a long weekend (it can hold at least five days’ worth of clothing for me) or slipping it into my checked luggage, it goes on all of my trips because I can always find a use for it.

Why it’s a great gift: There are plenty of packable travel duffle bags out there, but the Cloud Travel Bag has a few extra touches that make it special (and better than other bags I’ve tried). The durable nylon fabric is lightweight, but feels sturdy enough for stuffing into overhead compartments and tossing into a trunk. It’s also 100% machine washable, which is helpful for getting out dirt and odors from a camping trip (I can confirm this). As a bonus, the fabric is made from recycled nylon filament yarn created from pre-consumer waste that helps divert waste from landfills.

There’s a large open pocket on the outside, a double zipper for the main compartment, and two sets of padded handles that make the bag easier to carry, even when it’s full. Inside, there’s a zippered pouch for storage that you can remove and use to stash the Cloud Bag in when folded up. It packs down to about the size of a diary, so you can stick it in your suitcase or carry-on for bringing home gifts or use it as a laundry hamper, like I did on my last trip.

The attention to detail helps this bag stand out compared with other, cheaper duffles I’ve used before. I bought my Cloud Travel bag on a whim and loved it so much I bought the mini size too. The Cloud Bag comes in four total sizes: Mini, the original Cloud, Travel and Carry-On, which can slip over the handles of a rolling suitcase. 

What you’ll pay: The Baggu Cloud Travel Bag is $78 on Baggu’s site and Urban Outfitters. You can often hunt down past season colors of the bag from smaller retailers too. I got mine on sale, so keep an eye out on for promotions. 

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