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The Best Cities in Canada to Visit in 2023

There’s a lot to see and do within the limits of Canada’s major cities. From sampling local wine and charcuterie in Montreal to catching a basketball game or exploring the art scene in Toronto—the options for exploration and cultural enrichment are endless. And although you could spend a lifetime exploring every nook and cranny of the biggest and most populous cities to the north, there’s something to be said about the up-and-coming mid-sized cities and stand-out towns across the Canadian landscape.

Looking to experience a new level of oceanfront luxury and hospitality—or curious to explore the latest in Indigenous-led art galleries and museums? We’ve rounded up some of the coolest cities in Canada that don’t always get the limelight they deserve and some big names that have a whole lot more to offer than what’s written in the guidebooks. Whether you’re hoping to see a new side to a familiar city or you’re curious to venture into a whole new province altogether, here are some of the best cities in Canada to visit in 2023.

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