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This Travel-Friendly Makeup Bag Has A Perfect 5-Star Rating, And It’s Easy To See Why

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    People are packing their suitcases and are ready to hit the road to make up for lost travel time from last year. With travel returning to a “new” normal, you’ll need to make sure you look and feel your best during your much needed vacay. Having a sturdy, convenient, and stylish makeup bag makes packing and getting ready while abroad a piece of cake.

    The water-resistant makeup bag by Bagsmart is quite literally the best bag for storing all of your makeup and skincare products. With a perfect 5-star rating with over 15,000 reviews, this is the one makeup bag you can rely on. Keep reading to learn about what makes this bag the best one out there. Check out our Travel Essentials For Seniors article to see other products that can help you have a much more comfortable experience traveling.

    Why Everyone Loves This Bag

    Medium and Large Sizes

    Whether you’re a makeup dabbler or a makeup fanatic, this bag can fit all of your makeup travel needs. Bagsmart recommends this bag specifically for a 3-5 day holiday, so you can have plenty of available storage space in your bag. Despite the large amount of storage space, the compact design makes sure the bag takes up very little room in your luggage. 

    Water-Resistant Design

    No matter how careful you are, accidents are bound to happen while you travel. That’s why it’s a smart choice to use a water-resistant makeup bag. The polyester fabric has a soft and supple touch that makes the bag both sturdy and fashionable. The padded design of the bag makes sure the bag keeps its shape and prevents your belongings from being smashed. 

    Convenient Hook

    This bag has a 360 degree swivel metal hook that allows you hang up your bag to save space. Being able to hang up your bag will make it easy to find what you need while you’re getting ready. The double zippers also prevent products from falling out while you have your bag hung up. If you don’t want to hang up your bag, the metal hook can be easily towed away for later use. 

    Inner Pockets

    Sure, the bag looks pretty on the outside, but the main show is inside. The bag features four separate compartments for great organization. With see through sides, you’ll be able to find the exact product you need without having to dig through every pocket. The smart double zipper design means you’ll never have to deal with products falling out unexpectedly. It also means you can quickly grab your items without fully unfolding the bag. Elastic straps on the inner pockets will hold all of your makeup and skincare bottles secured and upright, so you can avoid any messy cleanups. 

    Read The Reviews!

    “This toiletry bag is better than expected. It is very sturdy, and has plenty of room for all of my products. While I haven’t travelled with it, it was purchased as a space saver since my boyfriend moved in, and it’s definitely perfect for my needs there. It’s great quality, and actually pretty cute, too. I also really like the bands that keep my products upright and in place. I would most certainly recommend this item!”

    Kelly Hamilton

    “I’m a frequent traveler for business and have burned through countless (cheaper) cosmetic/toiletry bags bought at places like Target, etc. so wanted something with better organization, access and more compact. This is it! Love how it keeps everything in place. Plenty of room for cases/bottles of all sizes, plus skincare and makeup products. Hoping this will last years.”


    “Wasn’t certain what this bag would be like but decided to try it. It’s awesome. Well made, zippers are solid and the pockets are perfect for everything. In addition, the compartments are great for all different sizes and product types which allows you to segment all this “stuff” as you need or use it.”

    For example – eye makeup section, face cleaning products, misc cosmetics and more. Definitely recommend this product!


    “This is the best travel make up bag I have ever had, I am so impressed I am buying them for gifts. Just took this bag to Europe it was easy to hang up in ever hotel and folds down to a great size but fit way more than I even thought it would, plus one plastic water proof section for a wet loofa.”

    Debbie Lanza

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