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Three reasons why you should visit a museum during your trip to Amsterdam

Three reasons why you should visit a museum during your trip to Amsterdam

The capital of The Netherlands offers a lot of great tourist attractions to enjoy. For a lot of people this amount of choice makes it hard to come to a decision, because would you rather spend the afternoon shopping in the city center or visiting Artis: the zoo? To make sure you are not missing an amazing opportunity, it is important to plan your visit wisely. One thing you should definitely put on your list is visiting one of the Amsterdam museums. Are you wondering why? In this article you’ll find three reasons why you should simply visit at least one of Amsterdam’s many museums.

Amsterdam is the city of art

Amsterdam has a lot of famous museums, and a lot of famous painters. Rembrandt van Rijn, Vincent van Gogh and Johannes Vermeer were all born in The Netherlands. So, it is not so weird that Amsterdam has multiple museums where you can find famous art pieces like ‘Het Melkmeisje’ and ‘The Nachtwacht’. Think about the Van Gogh museum or the Rijksmuseum, who are both filled with famous and historic artworks. Would you rather visit a museum based on modern art? No problem. In Amsterdam you can also find the Moco museum. This is a museum that focuses solely on modern and contemporary art from painters like Andy Warhol and Banksy.

The museums offer a lot of exhibitions

Most museums in Amsterdam have beautiful art collections that are displayed all throughout the year. But aside from their regular displays, most museums also offer a lot of temporary exhibitions. This means that they’ll receive artworks that will only be on display for a short period. These exhibitions can be dedicated to one artist, or a collection of multiple artists working around one common theme. If you are curious about the current exhibitions, you can find more information on the website from the museum of your choice.

There is a city square that’s dedicated to museums

Amsterdam is a big city, and it is understandable if you want to spend as little time as possible traveling from one place to the next. Luckily you can find multiple museums at the Amsterdam museumplein. This is a square in the heart of the city center, where multiple museums are located. This means that you won’t lose precious time on buses or taxis. Instead, you can step out of one museum, and immediately step into the next.

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