What To Do On Christmas Holidays: 10 Crazy Ideas
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What To Do On Christmas Holidays: 10 Crazy Ideas

There is something about Christmas holidays that makes them just a tad bit more special than any other holiday. Perhaps it’s the sheer volume of activities to do and traditions to uphold amidst an extended period of decorating and preparing gifts for the important people in our life. In addition, it’s the season when everything has to be new and exciting, especially for kids. On the other hand, for adults, it’s easy to settle for the same routine you followed during previous holidays. But don’t be tempted to just sit by the fireplace sipping a hot mug of chocolate and watching the kids play and have fun. Instead, here are ten crazy ideas you could try out this season.

  1. Try a New Game

Games are an excellent way of winding down, and there’s a wide scope of games you can play, from video games to board games and drinking games. Moreover, if you’d like to take things a notch higher, you could play casino online real money games or card games like poker with friends and family. So think about a game you normally wouldn’t play and give it a shot – and in the case of online slot games, you can enjoy plenty of Christmas-themed titles!

  1. Play in the Snow

The thing is, adulting is no walk in the park, and it gets pretty tiring always thinking about what the future holds ad how to survive another day, week, or month. So, getting out of the house on a wintery day could be the break you have been looking for. From snowball fights to sledding to building snow forts and making snowmen, you will indeed have lots of fun and feel young again!

  1. Winter Camping

As much as the weather may seem too cold to go camping, we think you should throw caution to the wind and try out winter camping. But, of course, packing up your warmest outfits and building an appropriate tent for the weather is the only part you should take seriously, as you don’t want frostbite.

  1. Wear Your Pyjamas All Day

If outdoor activities are too on the nose for you, you can still have fun with indoor activities. There are two occasions that call for a full day of wearing pyjamas; National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day in April and, nowadays, Christmas Day. This is especially so for holiday enthusiasts, but if you’re a sucker for formal attires, it may be time to join the bandwagon and let loose.

  1. Slumber Party Under the Tree

If you take up advice #4, you could switch things up by extending the pyjama theme overnight. Slumber parties are commonplace during the holidays, and what better place than under your fully-decorated Christmas tree?

  1. Write to Santa

This may sound a little silly for the super serious adults out there but indulge us here. This is a fun way to write up what you wish to have or accomplish by Christmas. Then, post the letter to the North Pole at least two weeks before D-Day, and you may be surprised what shows up.

  1. Organize or Attend an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Whether you are a fashion-conscious individual or the opposite, rocking an ugly, tacky Christmas sweater is something you should try out at least once during the holidays.

  1. Hang Mistletoe on Every Doorway

You could get your naught gloves on, hang some mistletoe throughout the house, and then see how things unravel.

  1. Surprise Someone Random with Holiday Goodies

Keeping in touch is getting more difficult, even with the advanced ways to communicate available today. It may be someone you lost contact with but whose location you know. Reach out to an old cousin or friend and make their day with a thoughtful gift.

  1.  Make a Trip to a Small Town for a Tree-lighting Ceremony

Small towns are known for sticking to holiday traditions, and there is a high chance that visiting one near you to watch a simple tree-lighting ceremony on Christmas Eve is worthwhile.

Bonus Ideas

Just in case you are still looking for some more inspiration for crazy Christmas activities, here are a few more:

  • Visit the mall and ask to have a photo with Santa to add to the ones you may have taken as a child.
  • A Christmas movie marathon with the family.
  • Go carolling.
  • Host a Christmas karaoke night.

Merry Christmas!

Some of these activities could turn into traditions for future Christmas holidays. To recapture the magical moments, you should get out of your comfort zone and try at least one of the above fresh and super fun things. Passing the hours implementing any of these ideas are going to be worth it and will definitely make the most magical memories.